Studying the progress trends of the region

In the meantime from 18 till 21 of September took AO “Transpnevmatika” part fourthly in the leading international exhibition of the railway transport InnoTrans 2018, that took place in Berlin.

This greatest sectoral forum is carried out in Germany once a two years and is an unique on the scope area of sharing mutual know-how, search of common decisions and subject relations of the developers and manufacturers of railway industry all around the world. The unique InnoTrans’s conception includes an exposition in open air, a special-purpose exhibition in the pavilions and a wide conferences’ program.

AO “Transpnevmatika” took part traditionally in the exhibition together with OAO MTZ TRANSMASH, presenting on the bench with the square 92 square meters the samples of its most perspective developments: compressor piston dry aggregate AKPB 3,5/1 L U2, block of compressed air’s drying BOSV 2,2/2,5/1 U2, new brake block of disc brake system for application on perspective electric trains of OAO “Tver carriage work” with the possibility of applying on the high-speed electric trains “Lastoochka” of OOO “Ural locomotives”, as well hydraulic dampers 719-1 and 848-1 and some modifications of sleeve couplings. The presented samples looked worthy, that warranted high activity of exhibition’s visitors near the AO “Transpnevmatika”’s exposition during all the days of its work. The greatest interest aroused the samples of compressor dry aggregate, of brake block and of block of compressed air’s drying.

The our factory’s exposition was disposed in the main pavilion, where such leaders in manufacturing of brake systems for railway transport presented their achievements, as Knorr Bremse (Germany), Wabtec Corporation and Faiveley (U.S.A. and France), DAKO (the Czech Republic), Yujin (Korea). During the visiting of the samples of the foreign participants’ brand-new production, had the AO “Transpnevmatika”’s specialists an opportunity to evaluate for the umpteenth time the own developments and to correlate them with the actual tendencies of development of the transport machine-building’s market in the world.

According to the words of the factory’s chief executive director A.A. Kurochkin, who headed the AO “Transpnevmatika”’s delegation, confirmed the participation at the exhibition, that in total the manufacturing of new production is carrying out in our country in right direction. However, there are reasons to revise the relationship to some design solutions by the developing of line of new technics’ items – such conclusion drew the voyage’s participants, absorbing in detail each in his thematic and gathering a great quantity of necessary information, whose analysis will help them to correct their professional views and interests.

During the exhibition took place the business meetings of AO “Transpnevmatika”’s with the foreign firms’ technicians for discussion of mutual collaboration’s perspectives. On a line of subjects are achieved the tentative agreements and received the concrete proposals.

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