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I am glad to greet You at the site of the joint-stock company “Transpnevmatika”. Here You can get useful and actual information about our factory, about our achievements, about the manufactured production. The site’s articles are regular renewed.

The joint-stock company “Transpnevmatika” was set up in 1992 by reorganization of Pervomaysk factory of machines and units for rail transportation that ascends from one of the oldest industrial factories of Russia – Tashino ironwork. History of the factory that began from development of the explored iron ore deposits is continuing in plans and projects of today.

Built in 19th century by A.N. Karamzin, the son of the well-known Russian historian and writer, the ironwork became the powerful and science intensive factory AO “Transpnevmatika”. The factory where history, experience, innovations met together and that goes only forward in spite of all the circumstances, taking one of the leading seats among the greatest machine-building factories of Russia. AO “Transpnevmatika” concerns itself with manufacture and development of compressors, compressor units, pneumatic units of brake systems and hydraulic units for rolling stock of railways, underground and transit.

Advantages of the factory’s production are relatively low prices, quality performance assurance, timely items’ delivery, maintenance services as pending warranty period, as after its completion.

Manufacture and plantation of new technique, increase of nomenclature and modernization of delivered production, introduction of new technologies are in hammering. The manufactured new goods meet completely according to its technical descriptions, quality and safety the norms and requirements, those are brought to the long-term brake systems. Production of. AO “Transpnevmatika” is now demanded, the rates of its realization are increasing. Our production is awarded with many prizes and diplomas those verify the high level of the quality and technologies.

One of the conditions of. AO “Transpnevmatika”’s economic growth is improving and competitive recovery of production. AO “Transpnevmatika” carries out business contacts not only in the home market, but also in the foreign market. AO “Transpnevmatika” delivers its production to Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic etc.

Attaching the great value to the advertising of its production, participates the factory actively in many regional and international exhibitions, industrial forums, collaborates with mass media.

Dear leaders of factories, organizations and firms, I invite You for reciprocal and long-time cooperation.

Best regards,
Director General of AO “Transpnevmatika”
V.A. Batenkov

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