Every year the multisectoral organization OOO “Center of Analytical Study” (Moscow) carries out together with OOO “Intersectoral Rating Company”, that is a main partner in the sector of the sectoral and regional study, the competition within the bounds of the regional and national intersectoral analytics in the nomination “The best factory of the region”. The competition is urged to determine, note and to popularize the brands of the secure factories, those have the positive development mechanics, present the qualitative services, are recommended by the collaboration and attractive for the attraction of investments.

            In 2020 the nomination’s participants passed the financial-economic, rating-comparative, legal and informational-reputational analysis. The fulfilled and open bargains, the presence of the cases in dispute, the level of the clients’ and partners’ satisfaction as well the opinions of the production’s customers were examined. According to the results of expert analysis of the economic indexes and of the rating-comparative estimating belongs AO “Transpnevmatika” to the Rating of safe partners, that forms the basis of recommended factories for the collaboration, the making of contracts or the investment. It allowed the factory to take part in the nomination “The best factory of the sector 2019”.

            The key event for the factory and for the whole work collective became the awarding of AO “Transpnevmatika” in August of the current year with National certificate “The best factory of the sector 2019” for the weighty deposit in the social-economic district’s development, for the priorities among the sector’s factories and for the excellent developments mechanics from the point of view of OKVED 30.20.4 “Production of the parts of the railway locomotives, the tram and other motorcars and rolling stock; production of the track equipment and of items for the railroad, tram and other lines, the mechanical and electromechanical equipment for movement dispatching”.

            The status “The best factory of the sector 2019” is evidence that AO “Transpnevmatika” is a safe partner, a qualitative supplier of the manufactured production and a prestige employer with the high level of personnel qualification. Thanks to the assigned status “The best factory of the sector 2019” has AO “Transpnevmatika” the additional advantages by the participation in the tenders, competitions and in the exhibitions. It has a right to publish the news release about the factory on the partners’ portals and to use the marking “THE BEST FACTORY OF THE SECTOR” on the documents, forms, factory’s site and on other informational-advertisement materials.


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