AO “Transpnevmatika” is among the best country’s industrial enterprises

             AO “Transpnevmatika” is included in the National register of 2019 “Leading industrial enterprises of Russia”.

The purpose of forming of Register is a creation of single information resource on industrial enterprises and organizations, whose activity makes its positive contribution on the socio-economic development of its region’s industry. The register is called to help the state and social institutions, the factories and organizations, as well the simple citizens both in Russia and in each other world’s country to exercise the information’s search about the leading enterprises of Russia ‘s industry, which interest them.

In Register are including the organizations, those are leading in their scope of activity. Inclusion in Register is exercised exclusively according to the offer of corresponding executive authorities. So, AO “Transpnevmatika” is included in the National register according to the offer of the Administration of urban district town Pervomaysk. Inclusion in Register empowers the factory termless to use free of charge the official logotype of National Register.

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