According to the direction of the Nyzhniy Novgorod Region’s Governor for the reaching of the best activities according to the results of the evaluation of the effectiveness of the industrial companies’ activity in the branch “Machine-building” is AO “Transpnevmatika” awarded with the Honorary standard of the Nyzhniy Novgorod Region’s governor.

The awarding took place on the 16th of March in Nyzhniy Novgorod in the conference-hall of the IT-park “Ankudinovka” within the bounds of the conference (college) on the balance of the work of the manufacture, trading and business of Nyzhniy Novgorod Region in 2017 and on the tasks on 2018, that was carried out chaired by the acting Nyzhniy Novgorod Region’s governor, by the chairman of the government G.S. Nikitin.

The conference was preceded with the exhibition “The industrial potential of Nyzhniy Novgorod Region”, on which took part about 50 region’s companies. AO “Transpnevmatika” presented in its exposition the brake bloc and the brake disc of the disk brake’s system, which aroused particular interest of the acting governor G.S. Nikitin, of the minister of the industry, trade and business of Nyzhniy Novgorod Region M.V. Cherkasov, of the acting vice-governor, the first Tanaiste of the Nyzhniy Novgorod Region’s government E.B. Lyulin. During the conversation answered at the stand with the items’ samples the Director General of the factory V.A. Batenkov all the questions those aroused their interest.

On work of the college took part more than 300 representatives of the Nyzhniy Novgorod companies, the members of the social organizations and of the regional government. The report about the results of the 2017, about plans and tasks on 2018 was presented by the minister of the industry, trade and business of Nyzhniy Novgorod Region M.V. Cherkasov.

G.S. Nikitin, analyzing during his speech the results of 2017, called the Nyzhniy Novgorod Region “one of the leaders in country”. “On an average in Russia consists the increase of industry less than 1 per cent during 2017, but by us consists it 4,7 per cent on the industry in total, and on the machining, which consists at our factory more than 90 per cent of all the commercial production, even more – 5,5 per cent”, — reported he. Increase of the physical production volume arises mainly due to increase of manufacturing in machine-building, metallurgy, chemical industry, manufacturing of electric equipment, manufacturing of building materials, forest complex. By the way, in AO “Transpnevmatika” increase of product commodity release in 2017 consisted in respect of 2016 about 40 per cent.

In spite of high indexes, the head of the region tasked to reach the increase of labour productivity at the industrial factories up to 5 per cent yearly. He pointed that one of instruments of increase of labour productivity in industry will become introduction of technologies of careful production and called upon the leaders of factories to increase the efficiency of production at the expense of careful technologies.

Besides, as pointed G.S. Nikitin, in 2018 will act in Nyzhniy Novgorod Region measures of the government support for the factories, those are modernizing the manufacturing. Particularly, at the end of 2017 was made a decision about annulment of tax regarding the personal estate, that was registered from the 1st of January, 2016. The factories those work in area of manufacturing industry, engineering research activities as well development work can receive preferential treatment, it will exempted for three years. According the preliminary estimates, the annual sum of benefit will consist 3,3 milliard roubles. According to the dates of the Nyzhniy Novgorod association of the manufacturers and undertakers, became Nyzhniy Novgorod Region an only Russia’s region, where that measure of support was carried out.

As to AO “Transpnevmatika” – at present time are there negotiations with the Fund of developing trades about the granting to AO “Transpnevmatika” of a credit for arrangement of the new productive capacities on the preferential terms – 100 million roubles at one annual per cent.

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