AO “Transpnevmatika” is “Leader of Russia 2016”

According to the results of the national financial-economical analysis of the activity of the Russian Federation’s factories, that was carried out with the Union of National business-ratings, AO “Transpnevmatika” got the gold of the rating as to sum of the places of three nominations in the financial-economical activity and in the nomination “Activities of the scale of operations and paying capacity”.

According to named activities, the factory is a part of TOP-7 of the leading factories of RF along to OAO “MTZ TRANSMASH”, OAO “Novosibirskiy switch factory”, ZAO “Vagonokomplekt”, AO “MSZ”, OAO “RITM” TPTA and OAO “CENTROSVARMASH”.

The national business-rating functions in Russia since 2004. Its main purpose is the formation of the true picture of the leadership in the country’s regions, as well informing of the society about the high efforts of the factories – the representatives of the different economic branches. The national business-rating chooses the branches’ leaders exclusively according to actual statistical data, evaluating each factory that works in Russia, according such criteria, as paying ability, scale of operations, social deposit, efficiency of use of recourses, investment activity.

By means of the rating program “Leader of Russia” stimulates the Union of National business-ratings the factories those not only look after profitability of their own business, but also make the great investments in the state’s future – pay the taxes honestly and duties in the pension fund, look after their workers, create the new working places, introduce new technologies and form the new type of economy, which is based on professionalism.

As a result of ranking of the full list of business entities of Russian Federation was awarded AO “Transpnevmatika” for great economic achievements, maintenance of the high standards of the workers’ social protectability, introduction of the innovation techniques and the worthy investment in development of the branch with the honorary title “Leader of Russia 2016” and awarded with the reasonable wall medal.

For the personal investment in the developing of the business, high level of organization of the manufacturing and business-process, the rational approach to the corporate management and professionalism is the Director General of AO “Transpnevmatika” Vladimir Alexandrovitch Batenkov awarded with the title “The best leader of the year 2016”.

For the strong qualifications, zeal and the great investment in the factory’s developing is the Director General of AO “Transpnevmatika” V.A. Batenkov awarded with the medal “For the professional merits”.

For the eminent administrative skill, effective organization of the factory’s activities and personal investment in the growth of the financial-economic indicators is the Director General of AO “Transpnevmatika” V.A. Batenkov awarded with the order “Pride of the economy”.


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