«Clever manufacturing. Global approach»

From 10th to 13th of July took place in Yekaterinburg one of the greatest industrial exhibitions of Russia — “Innoprom-2017”, in it took part on the delegation of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region AO “Transpnevmatika”.

According to the opinions of the exhibition’s participants, “Innoprom” is a single in Russia action, devoted fully to the industry that impresses with its sizes and with the unexceptionable thought-out organization. The exhibition becomes traditionally a place that allows to leading Russian factories to demonstrate its potential, get to know about the partners’ and competitors’ achievements, include the foreigners’ achievements, and moreover – to discuss problems and outlooks of development of different branches of industry.
In current year among the exhibition’s participants were there such greatest international manufacturers as FANUC Robotics, Yamasaki Mazak, Volvo Trucks, SAP, Siemens and much other. The national stands were represented with Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, India, Denmark, Turkey, Japan, the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, SAR, Belorussia, Russia, China, South Korea, French, Liechtenstein, Great Britain, Finland. More than 600 factories from 95 countries of world and 59 regions of Russia took part in the exhibition in total.
The high grade of the action, theme of which was called in current year “Clever manufacturing. Global approach”, pointed the presence of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The head of state took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition, visited all the participants’ expositions and got to know about their innovative developments.

The delegation of Nizhniy Novgorod citizens was headed by the vice-governor of the region Eugeniy Lulin by the participation of Minister of Industry, Trade and Enterprise Maxim Cherkassov and of the head of Nizhniy Novgorod association of the manufacturers and employers Valeriy Tsibanev. On that delegation were the representatives of 20 factories, eight of these according to the results of the competitive selection that had been with NAPP carried out received the right to demonstrate their innovative developments. Those are “Group GAZ”, AO “Transpnevmatika”, FGUP “FNPTS NIIIS in honor of Yu. E. Sedakov”, FGUP “RFYaTs – VNIIEF”, PAO “Ruspolimet”, ZAO “Drobmash”, OOO “Litpromgarant-NN”, OOO “Uzola”.
Within the bounds of action’s busy schedule were carried out panel discussions, organized with the Ministry of Manufacture and Trade, with the participation of authoritative representatives of expert community. Moreover, the Chief Executive officer of AO “Transpnevmatika” A.A. Kurochkin took part in negotiations with the representatives of diversified company, that joined companies of different sectoral orientation – of the groups of Sinar, that includes OOO “Ural locomotives”.

The comments of the Chief Executive officer of AO “Transpnevmatika” A.A. Kurochkin:
— AO “Transpnevmatika” took part in the exhibition “Innoprom” for the first time. We have presented the samples of new developed and produced with our factory technics that meets fully the modern requirements. Those are, in particular, brake systems for the high-speed electro trains those include brake discs and blocs. In addition, nowadays is observed the strong trend of applying on the railway transport of more ecological and comfortable in exploitation piston compressors without lubrication instead of oil-filled compressors and compressors with the lubrication. Our factory has engineered series of these assemblies, one of them also was presented at the exhibition.

All the afore-named items of AO “Transpnevmatika”’s production looked like worthy ones and aroused the great interest of the competitors and potential customers. The manufacturers of the rolling stock became interested in our hydraulic dampers – the brochures about them were in demand, many questions were asked. Anyway, I am sure, that we were not ashamed to present at “Innoprom” the industry of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region.

The action was very representative, with the great amount of participants and visitors from different countries. Very interesting were special-purpose national expositions of India, Japan, Italy, Germany, Korea. Participation in such actions is always interesting, cognitive and useful, because it enables to evaluate objective oneself among the competitors, to consolidate own positions in the world and domestic markets of manufacturers of equipment for railway transport, and even to solve in place some questions of the collaboration and of the work together with other factories. The participation in any exhibition is, firstly, a search of new business partners among the suppliers and the customers of production. I think that in this regard we will receive from the exhibition the great positive effect.

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