To do good

“To save, multiply with the efforts and labours the parents’ heritage is a holy debt of my hearth, is my fame and virtue”, — these words of the famous Russian historian N.M. Karamzin characterize in full the stand in life of Vladimir Alexandrovitch Batenkov – the Director General of AO “Transpnevmatika”.

Vladimir Alexandrovitch, proceeding the traditions of patronage, those were begun more than 165 years ago by the founder of the town and the factory A.N. Karamzin, demonstrates not with the words, but with the deeds and real affairs his love to native land, giving appreciable support during many years to all the socially important projects and programs of the municipality. The multifarious charity’s sorts, dotations both from himself and from the factory demonstrate fact, that taking care of home town and of countrymen is an important part of his life. The square near the building of AO “Transpnevmatika”, the reanimation-ambulance for the Pervomaysk central district hospital, the equipping of Centre of culture, the frequent assistance to the sport teams, to the budget organizations, the moneyed assistance to different people – it is impossible, to specify all deeds, those he has done and does for the region.

V.A. Batenkov gives particular attention to the development of the spirituality on the region’s territory. Thanks to his support, to ability to close around the good undertakings the factory’s leaders and the town’s public organizations is built the church in honor of Kazan icon of God’s Mother. For the built church were presented own money for the setting of cupolas and erecting of crosses, for manufacturing of the church-going bell. It was Vladimir Alexandrovitch who supported among the first people the initiative and is a main benefactor of building of the second temple in our town – in honor of the saint equal to the apostles prince Vladimir.
It is always pleasant, to honor the people who do good unselfish, “according to soul’s voice”.

On 20 of June took place in Nizhni Novgorod the twentieth anniversary ceremony of presentation of the regional award of public recognition in the field of charity and volunteering “Nizhni Novgorod Phoenix-2019”.
Initiators and organizers of the competition are Centre of development of public initiatives – Association “Service”, Nizhni Novgorod Volunteers’ Service and Nizhni Novgorod regional public organization of assistance of social development “Service-NEKST” by supporting of government of Nizhni Novgorod region, of General court of Nizhni Novgorod region and of Charitable council of Nizhni Novgorod region.

The award is conferred in the nominations “Benefactor of the year”, “Volunteer of the year”, “Firm of the good will”, “Initiative in the field of charity”, “Initiative in the field of volunteering”, “Social journalist of the year”, “Social mass media of the year”, special nomination also is presented – “For the contribution in development of charity and volunteering”.

“Nizhni Novgorod Phoenix” is awarded annually as a mark of respect and thankfulness of Nizhni Novgorod citizens to their countrymen for the weighty contribution to resolution of the social problems of the region and individual citizens who found themselves in the difficult life situation, to saving and development of the culture of charity and volunteering in Nizhni Novgorod land.

The Director General of AO “Transpnevmatika” Vladimir Alexandrovitch Batenkov is awarded with the special diploma in nomination “Benefactor of the year”.

The example that gives Vladimir Alexandrovitch demonstrates to all the people, that in healthy society is it for the people who “stand on their own two feet” no fashion and no debt, to do good deeds and to understand their social responsibility, it is a norm and must be a norm. Let’s wish to us all to do good deeds and to learn to be thankful to the persons, who do them. We wish you, Vladimir Alexandrovitch, the health and much skill for new deeds for the benefit of Pervomaysk land.

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