Brake cylinder 510B

Designation: establishment of effort in brake rigging

Applying: cars of electric locomotives

Note: is fabricated according to TU 3184-555-05744521-2013

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Ram cases, front and back covers and piston are cast-iron.

 The shaft is self-centering and gimbal bound with the piston.

On the piston is settled sealing rubber gland and oil felt ring.

In the front end cover is installed screen filter.

The possibility of dead spot bracket settling on the blank end cover of linkage is provided, too.

Operating pressure of compressed air MPa (kgf/cm2) up to 0,6 (6,0)
Diameter of cylinder mm 356
Maximal throw mm 254
Additional thread   G 3/4 — B
Overall dimensions mm 881 * 325 * 309
Weight kg 75
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