V.A. Batenkov is the Best Leader of the year

The Director General of the joint-stock company “Transpnevmatika” Vladimir Alexandrovich Batenkov was according to the results of the All-Russian competition “The Best Leader of the year” marked with the high awards.

        The All-Russian competition “The Best Lader of the year” is carried out annually under patronage of the Council of Federation and of the State Duma of RF’s FS, with the purpose of increasing of the role of leaders in the society and the state, as well for detecting of the leaders’ contribution to development of the different scopes of state’s activity. The main tasks of the All-Russian competition are: to detect and to encourage the leaders those have reached important successes in the activity of their factories, solve the social problems, carry out the charity and social service; to promote the experience of effective leadership and to form the data base of the best directors. All the competitors experience very strict selection. The credibility of the provided information about the leader that takes part in the competition as well about the factory is examined on the basic activity. The prepared analytic material on the defined themes is taken into account.

            More than 60 best leaders of the country’s factories and firms of the different scopes of activity (manufacture, consumers’ market, trade, catering area and population’s domestic service etc.), of the branches of industry, of building, of transport, of agriculture, of science, of education, of public health, of culture, the leaders of the social organizations etc. took part in the competition. In the year 2020 for preparation and carrying out of the All-Russian competition “The Best Leader of the year” were created two organizing committees: in the city of Moscow and in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. The organizing committees were created from the representatives of Council of the Federation, State Duma, the Federal and Regional ministries and departments, as well from the leaders of the factories – the Winners of the All-Russian Competitions: “The Honoured Director of Russian Federation”, “The Factory — Leader. XXI century”, “The Best Leader of the Year”, “The Female Leader. XXI century”.

        For the winning in the II regional competition “The Best Leader of the year” in the nomination “For achievements in area of production” was V.A. Batenkov awarded with the honoured Diploma (the 1st place).

      For the winning in the All-Russian competition in the nomination “The Best Leader of the year” is V.A. Batenkov awarded with the Diploma of the winner and with the memorable award.



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